To watch a short clip on the journey of Spike, the baby Kookaburra from egg to flight check out this link:

Spike's Journey

All photos on this website were taken by Deborah Pearse in the Byron Bay area. They are of high print quality and are available for order of individual greeting cards @ $4.00 (inc. postage), prints @ $20 or sets of 8 greeting cards for $25 by emailing Lower prices for orders of more than 20 cards. Individual photos or collages can also be done on canvas or giclee, which is more expensive and price depends on the size of the canvas. Individual photos or prints can also be purchased.

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Images of and information on local native birds, shorebirds, waterbirds, finches, baby birds, ducks, marsupials, pigeons & doves and raptors. Additional page with images of birds and habitat from West Byron Wetlands and images of other local habitats such as Tallows, Belongil, Suffolk Park Lake and from my backyard!


Black-necked Stork

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White-bellied Sea-eagles

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Brown Goshawk

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Tawny Frogmouth chicks

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Red-backed Wren

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Brown Cuckoo-dove

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Black-necked Stork

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