Baby Birds

The past couple of months, September & October, it's been amazing watching all the baby birds. They're easy to spot because they're always a bit chubby & fluffy and they all squawk all the time at their mothers 'give me food, give me food, give me more food'. There are chubby little Redbrowed Finches darting around the backyard, little Honeyeaters learning how to fly, baby ducks being shepherded along by their parents for morning swim school, mother magpies feeding their ravenous babies, fluffy little Figbirds & a nest of Magpielarks who seemed to go from tiny to exploring around the tree the nest was in within a week or so. Interestingly once they were all out of the nest & on branches in the tree the nest was destroyed. I don't know though whether the mother does that or another bird.

In the first five pics there is a Common Koel chick in a Little Wattlebird nest. As this chick has got bigger … and bigger, it’s become clear that’s it’s actually a Koel being fed by Little Wattlebirds. The Common Koel is a brood parasite, that is, it lays its eggs in the nests of other bird species. A single egg is laid in the host’s nest and once hatched the chick forces the other eggs and hatchlings out of the nest. When the chick leaves the nest it roosts in the outer branches of a tree, cheeping incessantly while the significantly smaller parents desperately search for sufficient food to satisfy the nagging youngster. This is a full-time job, as the young Koel will grow to nearly twice their size. Eventually, it migrates northwards, usually later than the adults, to return as a breeding bird the following spring.


Juvenile Koel

* 1. Juvenile Koel

Little Wattlebird & Juv Koel

* 2. Little Wattlebird feeding Koel

Juvenile Koel

* 3. Juvenile Koel

Juvenile Koel

* 4. Juvenile Koel

Little Wattlebird & Juv Koel

* 5. Little Wattle bird feeding Koel

Hatching Lapwing Plover chicks

* 6. Hatching Plover chicks

Masked Plover chicks

* 7. Masked Plover chicks

Masked Lapwing chick

* 8. Juv. Masked Lapwing

Grebe & Juveniles

* 9. Juvenile Fairy Wren

Masked Plover chicks

* 10. Masked Plover chicks

Osprey chick

* 11. Osprey chick

Masked Lapwing (juvenile)

* 12. Juv. Masked Lapwing

Juvenile Brahminy Kite

* 13. Juv. Brahminy Kite

Osprey & chick

* 14. Osprey & chick

Black Swan cygnets

* 15. Black Swan cygnets


16. Juvenile Masked Lapwing

Black Swan cygnets

* 17. Black Swan & Cygnets

Woodduck babies

18. Wood ducklings

Eastern Yellow Robin (juv)

* 19. Eastern Yellow Robin (juv)


* 20. Juvenile Butcherbird

Tawny Frogmouth (female breeding)

* 21. Tawny Frogmouth nest

Osprey & chick

* 22. Osprey & chick

Osprey and chick

* 23. Osprey & chick

Black Swan nest

24. Black Swan nest

Black Swan & cygnets

* 25. Black Swans & Cygnets

Juvenile Brahminy Kite

* 26. Brahminy Kite (juv)

Superb Fairy Wren (juv)

* 27. Superb Fairy Wren (juv)

Redbrowed finch

* 28. Red-browed Finch (juv)

29. Redbrowed Finch (juv)

Purple Swamphen chick

* 30. Purple Swamphen chick

White-breasted Wood-swallow nest

* 31. Woodswallow nest

White-breasted Wood-swallow nest

* 32. Woodswallow nest

White-breasted Wood-swallow nest

* 33. Woodswallow nest

White-breasted Wood-swallow nest

* 34. Woodswallow nest

White-breasted Wood-swallow

* 35. Woodswallow (juv)

Black Swan & cygnets

* 36. Black Swan & cygnets

Australasian Grebe

* 37. Grebe & juveniles

Blackfaced Cuckoo-shrike

* 38. Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

Australasian Grebe

39. Grebe and chicks

Baby Swamphen

* 40. Juvenile Purple Swamphen